Call for scores

Composers are invited to send scores, along with a midi realization or recorded performance, for possible performance by the Sanford Dole Ensemble.

We are always looking for new works scored for the combination of voices and instruments. This can be solo songs accompanied by one or more instruments, chamber choir with small instrumental forces, such as a trio or quartet, all the way up to full-scale choral/orchestral works.

In particular we are working on programming future concerts that include:

  • Chamber choir with solo obbligato instrument
  • Chamber choir with string quartet
  • Larger choir with jazz band, including saxophones
  • Any works with texts relating to the Holocaust
  • Works for multiple pianos (up to four) and percussion
  • Edgy and/or experimental works

To discuss your work or to ask any other questions please email us.

Electronic transmissions of scores are welcome. I run Sibelius 5 as well as Finale 2003. PDFs of scores along with MP3s work as well. Or, send hard copy scores and CD's (either of a performance or a midi realization) to:

Sanford Dole Ensemble
564 Elizabeth St.
San Francisco, CA 94114